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  • How Solace® Cream Works
    Solace Cream is formulated to help control eczema flares and keep future eczema flares dormant longer with essential skin building blocks like cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides to help reduce the likelihood of environmental triggers causing eczema symptoms; and palmitamide MEA (PEA), a natural endogenous fatty acid that helps relieve itchy, dry skin associated with eczema.
  • How to Use Solace® Cream
    Simply apply Solace Cream to any affected areas three times per day (or as needed), and gently massage into the skin. If the skin is broken, after applying Solace Cream, cover the affected area with a dressing of your choice. Please note that Solace Cream should not be used prior to any extended sun exposure. If your condition does not improve within 10-14 days, contact your doctor.
  • Ingredients
    Solace Cream contains a unique composition of skin-based components to help restore the natural skin barrier, including: purified water, olive oil, glycerin, pentylene glycol, palm glycerides, vegetable oil, hydrogenated lecithin, squalene, betaine, palmitamide MEA, scarcosine, acetamide MEA, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium carbomer, carbomer, and xantham gum.
  • Clinical Data
    Solace Cream has been well studied and has been clinically proven to help relieve the signs and symptoms associated with eczema, improve skin barrier function, extend the remission period between eczema flares, reduce the need for topical prescription steroids, and improve sleep deprivation by helping to relieve the burning and itching associated with eczema1,2.
  • Comparison of OTC therapies
    Solace cream OTC Hydrocortisone Colloidal Oatmeal
    Restores skin barrier back to healthy state y x x
    Steroid-free y x y
    Contains palmitamide MEA (PEA) y x x
    Contains essential fatty acids naturally found in skin y x x
    Clinically proven to keep eczema flares dormant 48% longer y x x
    Clinically proven to reduce the need for clinical steroids up to 54% y x x
    Clinically proven to improve sleep depravation caused by eczema y x x
    No age restrictions y x y
    Safe to use on face y x y
    Hypoallergenic y x n/a